Book Review: The First Time Manager - 5th Edition

The First-time Manager, 5th Edition, by Loren B. Belker and Gary S. Topchick is an excellent book on management.

Although it has been titled for "The First Time Manager," there are enough gold nuggets in this book for seasoned managers as well.  Now, in it's 5th edition, you can be assured it has been refined and reality-tested.

Belker and Topchick present guidance to many areas that managers need to navigate when managing people.  From building trust, to building team spirit, to managing problem employees, to hiring and firing, and so on.

They point out that managing is not about directing people, it is about getting people to become self-directed.  They talk about personal style and communication, dealing with stress, and finally having an effective work-life balance, and a touch of class.

I would recommend this book to any manager.  It makes a great reference to consult from time to time.

Mike J Berry