Meetings? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Meetings!

There seems to be no set standard for development meetings. Some groups complain about being 'meeting'd to death,' while others complain about a lack of communication, direction, or group cohesion. 

Given the two options, it is generally agreed that over-communication is much better than under-communication. One of the more innovative approaches to cutting down on meeting drain is the concept of the 'stand up meeting.'  This is where all participants (except maybe senior citizens) stand for the duration of the meeting.  Amazingly, during this process, nobody seems to have long weekend stories to tell the group, and answers and discussion points become more concise.

Normal development meetings ought to serve the following purposes.

  1. Communicate transparency from development to corporate.
  2. Communicate direction and prioritization from corporate to development.
  3. Communicate present-status and next-step planning regarding a project.
  4. Promote team-workload communication among team-members.
  5. Six month employee review.
  6. Deployment rehearsal.

More on these later...

Mike J Berry