About Mike J. Berry

About Me:
Mike on the Wall of China

I've been involved in commercial software development since 1991.  I've worked in various positions including:

  • Retail Software Sales

  • Support Technician

  • Mainframe Programmer/Analyst

  • Windows Programmer/Analyst

  • Development Team Lead

  • DBA

  • Systems Architect

  • Corporate Founder

  • Development Manager

  • Vice President of Development

  • Consultant

Holding a Bacholors Degree in Information Systems and Technologies from Weber State University, I have worked or consulted successfully for the following companies:

  • Zions Bankcorporation

  • America First Credit Union

  • Regents Blue Cross Blue Shield of Utah

  • ChartLogic, Inc.

  • Weber State University

  • TeleperformanceUSA

  • LDS Church

  • Mortgage Computer Applications

  • DAKCS Software

  • Streamlined Information Systems

  • Golden Getaways

  • Beehive Clothing

  • Software Plus


States I've visited (in red):

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I love mountains, deserts, and jeeps. Here's a few fun jeep videos:

About Red Rock Research

Hi, I'm Mike Berry. The information found here and at my business consulting website www.RedRockResearch.com is dedicated to pursuing and commenting on software development research and best practices.

I created this site to give back to the development community. Much of the information here I wish I had found years ago. I hope it's useful to others.

Mike Berry www.RedRockResearch.com

My First Blog Post

I've started this site because I feel like it's time to start giving back to the IT community.  Lots of the information found on these pages I wish were made available to me years ago.  Probably there are software development managers out there just starting out that are hungry for information and want to perform their jobs better.  If you are one of these brave souls then cheers...this blog's for you.

Mike J Berry www.RedRockResearch.com